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Good to see everyone introducing themselves and starting conversations. Build that community and keep the information flowing. Speaking of which, be sure to keep checking the main website, not just SW-Intel but elsewhere too. Incidents occurring in other places can bleed into our own. Here is the most recent Intel Report:

The Arizona Board of Education is gradually adopting Deep Equity into public education. These programs by Corwin Publishing and others like it are reeducating teachers in diversity training and inclusivity. In actuality, these mandatory trainings and seminars are discussing white privilege, implicit biases, restorative justice, and how inequality remains systemically oppressive within the United States. The YES (Youth Equity Stewardship) Program by Corwin Publishing has so far only been adopted for teachers, but there is a curriculum ready for adoption to be taught directly to students.

The rhetoric being used and the ...

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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Katherine Austin Fitts - Super Patriot
#POLibertyReport #POFightLikeAFlynnReport #POPatriotWarriorReport .

This ThriveTime Interview Defines All That Is Going On In our Current Upside-down World. It Is A Little Complex, But Worth Listening To Multiple Times To Fully Absorb.

My buddy, who is a career money manager, and I have both have listened to everything that Austin Fitts has published for years. We both love her astute insights - and we marvel at how she continues to keep digging out the WHOLE TRUTH.

This Video Is Not For The Faint of Heart, probably worth keeping to yourself, except when communicating with Robust PatriotWarriors. This Video Is Scary For Any Serious Person Capable Of Critical Thinking. It Explains Why You Must Don The “Armor Of God” and Unite With Like-minded PatriotWarriors In Executing The Peaceful And Locally-based Mission: Fight Like A Flynn..!

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We Will Be Adding Specificity & Granularity To The ThriveTime Roadshow Action Plan Rolling ...

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MSM Can't Stop This Movement: "Fight Like A Flynn"
#POFightLikeAFlynnReport #POLibertyReport


Just spent 25 hours with my butt glued to a church pew at Rema Bible College in Tulsa Okla. I have spent over 50 Years attending conferences and I have to tell you this was the most moving experience of my entire life.

This "ThriveTimeShow", produced by Clay Clark, is ground zero for the spiritual revival of America. CONSERVATIVES will not go quietly into the night. Streamed Live by, RightSide Broadcasting and Rhema.TV, these presentations had been linked by over 3 Million viewers by Saturday evening

I have no doubt, the individual presentations (Which Were All Awesome!) will be Re-posted this week and ultimately viewed viewed by over 500 Million Freedom Loving Spirit-filled "Warrior Families" Worldwide.
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This marks the beginning of the Taking Back Of America and ultimately, World Governments.

This peaceful "Fight Like a ...

The Currency Collapse Is Coming: Get Out of The System Before Total Collapse | Buy Gold & Silver!!
#POEntrepreneurSmallBusinessReport #POGoldReport #POSilverReport #POCryptoReport

Get out of your 401K and convert it to Gold with a company like Noble Gold - OR Risk Loosing Up To 90%. The Stock Market collapse will last 2, 3 or 4 Decades - in other words, it will not come back in you lifetime..!

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