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Happy to see this community growing. Excellent job to everyone who are reporting news and links that we all should take notice of. Do not forget to check American Contingency Intel every now and then. Here is an alert for California residents prior to the November election:

California is looking to overturn Proposition 209. On the California ballot this November 3rd will be Proposition 16, which will bring Affirmative Action to public employment and public education. In essence, this will allow employers and institutions, especially in the public sector who are receiving federal funding and state funding, to give preferential treatment to any individual based on their racial or ethnic identity and gender.

It was pushed by Ava Patterson who studied Berkeley Law, with help from the NAACP, suggesting Proposition 209 did not benefit black students, whose enrollment numbers have shown a steady decline since. The black community in California makes up 6.5% of the state population.

In actuality, a decline in enrollment and employment within the black community is not from disparity and inequality but is statistically offset by the growing Hispanic population, which is about 39% of the population in California according to the Census Bureau. The Hispanic community has, in fact, also seen a 24% rise in college acceptance since Proposition 209 passed. Additionally, the other offset is the statistically proven higher GPA and SAT/ACT scores of the Asian communities in California according to Wenyuan Wu of the Asian-American Coalition for Education. Asians make up about 15% of the total population in California.

CALIFORNIA – 1996, to ensure California citizens were equal under the law and not discriminated against when seeking employment or opportunities, California passed Proposition 209. This was passed with 54% of the votes in favor.

CALIFORNIA – 10 JUNE 2020, Proposition 16 was approved by the California State Assembly.

CALIFORNIA – 24 JUNE 2020, Proposition 16 was passed 30 to 10 by the California State Senate.


Vote against Proposition 16 come November 3rd and please access the provided links in the sources below. Educate yourself on what this means and please make people aware of this. Proposition 16 uses legislative wording found within Civil Rights to support it, while it oddly violates Civil Rights protections for other racial and ethnic groups residing in California.


Interested? Want to learn more about the community?

Episode 4 Cancers / Quest For The Cures
#POCleanFoodReport #POCancerQuestForTheCuresReport .

Streaming Free - For Next 24 hrs.

Live Right Now...

Ep 4 - 9pm ET: "Heal Your Heart & Beat Cancer w/Laughter, Music, Homeopathy, Frequency & Light"

I am not sure how long the free streaming will continue-but I will keep sending you my mini updates. I believe episode 4 will be free until 9pm Eastern on Sunday Evening.

Ty and Charlene are doing awesome work on Episode 4 - at about 1:12 - they start talking about Pulsed Electomagnetic Frequency - some interesting correlaries with the Vibe Tecnology.

This section is very much worth watching...
Be sure to watch the final segment at 1:27 - it took 10 years for cancer to develop - don't let the Oncologist rush you into taking Chemo - watch these last 2 testimonials...


Click For A Video Full Of Alternative Cancer Tretments

TY and Charlene Bollinger
Ep 3 - 9pm ET: "Affordable Treatments, Anti-Cancer Diet, Healing Herbs & "Defensive Eating"

Streaming Now - Free For The Next 24 hours only.

this Episode 3 is focused on natural nutrition as an alternative to Chemo.

At 6:15, they say that interviews with oncologists, 90% said they would not administer Chemo to their own spouse or their own children.

This video is full of nutritional alternatives to Chemo. - I really hope you watch Episode 3 a couple of times before accepting Chemo.

Sounds like you could take the Proton Radiation and delay the chemo until you know more - watch the entire video on nutritional alternatives to chemo.

AT 25:00 Minutes, and a little bit before, they talk about Glutamate Receptors.

Then, Ty Introduces LifeOne - a supplement out of Florida that he and Charlene take which supports Immune System and helps block Glutamate Receptors to starve the cancer cells.
(Click For More)

Ty and Charlene Take This every day. To help build their immune ...

32 Doctors from 11 Countries Warn against Taking the COVID-19 Vaccine
#POCoVidVaccineReport #POCleanFoodReport #POFauchiCrimesAgainstHumanity

Permanent Health Damage Caused By COVID Vaccine.
Don’t Be Fooled By This Massive Medical Experiment.

CoVid is a Total Hoax.,!


Watch This Warning By 32 Doctors Not To Take COVID Vaccine

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